December 15, 2017

Fast DIY Upcycle of an old sock and a cone to a unique winter/ Christmas decoration

We have been making sock monsters this week and then I suddenly had the idea to make these little fellows. All you need is a worn out kids sock and a cone. If you use a big pine cone you might need a grown up sock.

You need to cut the cap of a sock and then half it. Turn it inside out and sew the long side closed. Turn it back right side out and pull it over the cone. Cut another straight piece of the sock, thick enough that it fits as a scarf for the size of cone you use. In our case it was roughly a centimetre. Cut the loop open and tie it around the cone. If you want to you can use a permanent marker to make hime two eyes. Tada, you are done. See how fast this was?

If you have an old red sock you could easily turn this into a Santa with some added cotton wool for a beard.