April 12, 2011

2 ways of using up left-overs

There weren't many food posts lately, because I just didn't get the time to cook creatively never mind bake...
But I did think that these two rather fast made dishes from left overs were tasty enough to share them with you guys! I came up with both recipes last week, while I was in a hurry and only had a rather empty fridge, so be prepared for rather strange choices of ingredients!
For the first one I used left over Pasta from the night before: In my fridge were a ready to use pizza-dough, 1 pepper and half a zucchini/courgette, and to make it a bit more filling, I added some minced soy.
Here is what I did: Rolled out the pizza-dough on baking sheet, prepared the Soy according to the instructions on the back of the pack, plus added a little cayenne pepper , veg stock and oregano and basil, black pepper..stirred in the tomato sauce that came with the pizza dough, and poured the whole lot over the dough, then I added a layer of the left over pasta, a layer of chopped peppers and a layer of sliced zucchini and topped the whole lot with cheese (for a vegan pizza, you could try this, but I haven't tried it myself yet) and put it into the oven according to the instructions on the back of the package from my pizza dough...

the Picture does the greatness of my pizza no real justice...

For the second one my fridge was even emptier...it was rather late already and oh boy I was soooo HUNGRY....and all I had was rice and these veggie sausages also I found a bag of mexican vegetable-mix in the freezer and our kitchen cabinett was kind enough to supply me with a jar of mexican salsa....I think this dish actually took less then 10 min to be prepared and cooked!
I fried the rice (left over cooked rice from day before) and added the frozen veg, then I chopped the sausages (two of them) into slices and added them into the mix, once all was fried I added the salsa, some cayenne, ginger and black pepper...oh and I even found a rest of sour cream in our fridge still within a respectable UBD...strike! And I dont know if it only tasted so nice, because we were soooo hungry or if it would have tasted just as nice not half starved, but I really enjoyed this dish!