August 13, 2013

Iced PB-Banana Bites

These are very simple to make and kids love them. Well not just kids.... We made them for my sons Birthday party.
Slice 2 Bananas in about 3-4mm thick slices. Take a little spoon or spatula and add a wee scoop of peanut butter on half of them, top them with other half and put in freezer for at least 45 min. in the mean time melt choc of your liking roughly 150-200gr. I made them with a lactose free milk choc and some 85% dark chocolate. Once your freezing time is up, get your little sandwiches out and dip them in the melted choc. I used two forks for this job and that worked pretty well. Then stick them back into freezer and try to freeze them for a few hours (or start picking away, if you are anything like me).


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