March 01, 2011

Fast-made Hat for Babies

I just couldn't make up my mind which one to post....

I tested a sewing machine today. One my sister handed me down, because my old 1950s model I normally use, just can't handle the material. The transport seems to fail, and then my needle brakes. It got very frustrating... But still, I just love this old Lady!

I took a well fitting hat and traced it onto an old T-shirt, having the material in 2 layers!

Cut it out adding an extra cm for the seems.

If you like the little knot on top just add a little extra strap to your pattern, as seen above.

Next, sew the 2 layers together. Don't sew the top bit under the strap as you'll have to pull them out, when turning the hat to the other side.
Finally just knot the 2 laces and your hat is finished.

I just added a little smiling spider for the wee man, so the hat wouldnt be too boring looking.

Because the T-Shirt material is so soft, this happend to be our first non-tear hat experience! Now I only need an inspiration for a non-tear winter suit and/or coat. Have you got any ideas for me?


  1. You could try one of these patterns:

  2. they do have sweet things, I like the coat with the monkey, just not sure if that would be a tear free experience?

  3. I guess it depends on the material you take...