March 16, 2011

My little garden on our balcony - It's seeding time!!

This is the first place I ever lived in that does not have a garden. All I have to work with is a small ~3m² south-west faced balcony. But I have found a lot of things I can grow in pots on my balcony. Okay you will not feed yourself on your produce all season by this method, as you simply do not have the space to grow enough food, but you can at least add a little something self grown to every meal!

One of the things growing very well in pots are herbs. And fresh herbs in home cooking simply rock!

And for the very first time ever, I tried to save some seeds last year (Oregano) and I planted them this year, so I will see how that worked for me...

As I am one to use as little plastic as possible and I prefer to recycle I used old egg cartons for seeding (instead of the plastic pots, one usually takes). You can use them for all those seeds that don't need to be covered by more than a cm of soil.

Seeds that need to be covered by a little more soil, but don't need much space at the sides, you can grow in old toilet paper rolls. A tutorial how to make those pots you can find here. (BTW, look around that blog a little further, it is absolutely worth it!)

I tried 2 red oranges, 1 lemon, and 1 avocado. For the avocado, have often tried this thing with the toothpicks over a glass of water (is that actually a hoax cruising the internet??), but it has never worked. But this week I made some avocado for my wee man for lunch, and that organic avocado that I used, happened to have a tiny tiny root coming out of the seed. So I thought I just stick it into some soil and see what happens. But the lemons and oranges work pretty well, I have grown a couple last year. You can also try peppers in all colours & pumpkins.

I also planted some tomatoes and lots and lots of herbs.
Once the Temperatures have risen a little more, and nights do not bring as much frost, I will try some lucullus for the first time. Last year I had spinach, that btw worked great, too.


  1. This year I want to try tomatoes, lettuce and grapes. We did that toothpick thing with the avocado in kindergarden and it worked pretty well.

  2. love the idea of grapes! good to know that the toothpick thing works, in that case I can probably dig my avocado up again!?!

  3. This post has giving me some great ideas for my balcony. I love growing things and often enjoy gardening. Thanks for this post. :)