June 24, 2011

Little Paper Basket

You, too probably have lots of paper for recycling. Far more than you could ever use to light your fire at night...here is a way to use some of it!

Take a magazine or newspaper and tear the single pages out. Now fold them in half, and half it again and again, until you have slim stripes as pictured below.

Now bend them and glue them in a form you would like your base of the basket to be.

Now make the sides, by only gluing the bottom half of your stripe to your previous layer. So the upper half sticks out. And keep going until your second last round.

For me it worked best to turn the stripes this way (above).

Once you have reached your second last round, half one of your stripes. Out of these you can now form the handles of your basket. And glue them as shown below.

For the last round stay kind of level with our round before, so you don't have an end sticking out or standing over, I also glued every layer of the last stripes while folding them so they would make a sturdy rim.

Now if you want too, you can colour the whole thing. I used green and red, because these are the colours in my kitchen. I made this basket for a few toys that I keep in the kitchen to keep the little man out of mischief while I cook.

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