August 19, 2017

Boost Your Spirits and Immune System with a Blackberry Banana Smoothie

My boys are currently suffering head colds, and while fruit normally disappears into their little mouths faster than you can cut it up, it can be hard enough to get some vitamins into them when they need them most. I usually turn them into smoothies together with a natural yoghurt fill it into a boy approved cup add a reusable straw and voila: even little boys will drink a purple vitamin booster when they aren't feeling so well!

I use a lot of blackberries at the moment as it is blackberry season here. They grow wild literally everywhere in our neighbourhood and even keep popping up in our garden. If you want to use them raw and you have foraged them outside of your garden, make sure to stay a good meter above the ground when picking blackberries, if you live in an area with Echinococcus multilocularis.   I would also pick them higher of the ground if it is the local doggy walk highway. I won't go into further detail on that one...

Blackberries (like all edible berries around here) are high in Vitamin C and have a decent amount of other vitamins and minerals, too.

jug filled with oats, blackberries, overripe banana, yoghurt and cinnamon to make a smoothie

To make this purple blackberry banana smoothie, you need a jug, that has ml measurements.
Fill it to the 50ml mark with oat flakes (the porridge type)
to the 400ml mark with blackberries,
1 over ripe banana
1 cup natural yoghurt
fill up to 900ml with either milk, roasted hazelnut milk or orange juice
and a pinch of cinnamon

jug filled with oats, blackberries, overripe banana, yoghurt and cinnamon to make a smoothie

Now whizz until smooth. Your normal blender might not blend the little blackberry seeds, if you dislike them you might need a more powerful food processor and blend for one minute.

blackberry banana smoothie

Boost Your Spirits and Immun System with a Blackberry Banana Smoothie

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With this I bid you good bye for today and hope you manage to stay clear of the cold germs that seem to go around everywhere at the moment!


  1. You already know I was sharing this all over the place!! You have to publish more,Pat!! Love your blog.

  2. Loveee this recipe !looks delicious. And it's making me hungry !