February 22, 2011

my night off - Mr. Spider is cooking: vegetarian stuffed peppers for dinner and apple casserole for dessert

For 4 medium sized peppers
1 zucchini (courgettes for the British readers)
2 carrots

chop up
1 mozzarella
2-3 cloves of garlic
fresh basil
1 cup of granulated soya
in 2 cups veg stock
4tbsp of tomato puree

mix all
place in oven proof dish with lid at 200°C/390°F for roughly 30 min. Serve with rice

Dessert: Apple Casserole

2 large apples
sprinkle with
orange juice

3 beaten eggs yolks
1 mashed banana
2 tbsp vanilla sugar
1 1/2 cups of curd
5 tbsp plain flour
3 tbsp honey
3/4 tsp cinnamon
mix well until creamy mass (maybe add a little more flour)
then add the chopped apples

3  egg-whites until stiff
and gently add to rest
fill into oven proof bowl, and place it in preheated oven at
180°C/350°F for at least 20 min

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