February 20, 2011

Puck sleeping bag for infants

When I went to ante-natal classes, my midwife expressed many times how much she preferred those type of sleeping bags for esp. newborns. As my son was born last summer, a very hot one may I add! I attempted to sew a very light and thin one myself out of an old cotton cushion cover and some left over cuff material. The pattern I made myself: You basically pick the length and width you think your baby will need, add a little for baby growth. And draw it on some old newspaper or packing paper, cut it out , fix it with needles to your material and cut it out four times (allow a little extra for seams). Make it into 2 sacks. Inside and outside sack have the same size. I then doubled the cuffmaterial, and sewed inside sack to one and outside sack to the other, then stuffed the inside one inside the outside one, and stitched the bottom. Bar the cuff bit the whole lot was very easy.
I really liked the old needlework I integrated. It used to be at the front of the cushion case I used as material.

 But all in all I have to admit, I used that sleeping bag only in emergencies, when all the others where in the washing machine or in the dryer. I happened to find it impractical. And I don't think the wee man really liked the cuff bit around his belly as he was suffering a lot from colics at the time. I prefer the ones with buttons over the chest, no arms and a zip around the legs for fast access to the diaper at night.  So all in all I can't really advise you to go through all that trouble, but I thought I would still make a post about it, just in case you have a midwife similar to mine, this might save you the trouble and work. :-)

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